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Rise in the Incidence of Cancer and other Immune System Challenges within the Caribbean

Hi This is Dr. Stan Odle, Jr. the Natural Medicine Doctor of Health R Us Clinic, St. Michael, Barbados and I am very concerned with the increasing number of persons in the Caribbean Island Chain succumbing to various types of cancer. Each year the number of deaths from this grim reaper increase as folks continue to feast on more and more junk food, have poor elimination habits and pursue a course of failed treatment options.
In my own practice I see, almost on a daily basis, patients who have fallen victim to a depressed or suppressed immune system and consequential result of cancer or some other immune challenge.
According to recent World Health Organization (WHO) figures 7.6 million persons worldwide die of cancer and by the year 2030 that number will DOUBLE to more than 15.5 million.
It is clear that the standard treatment options of Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery are truly "a fool's option" because as one general practitioner here in Barbados put it.........the success rate with these are about 3% as oppose to over 90% with Alternative/Natural Medicine approaches.
I have long said that if these trends in the Caribbean continue we will Bankrupt each and everyone of our beautiful islands simply because we do not have the financial resourses to fund these options and they are indeed taking a huge chunk out of the national budget year after year for each and every single island. THIS IS UNSUSTAINABLE AND SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE NOW.
About 3 months ago I was interviewed on CBC TV in Barbados and I made the statement that I was there to "sound the alarm" to this crisis which is squarely on our doorsteps and that immediate and massive action needs to be taken since NOT ONE OF OUR ISLANDS CAN SUSTAIN THE ECONOMIC COST.
Last week on VOB Radio in Barbados during a full 30 minute radio presentation I made this very point but also focused the listeners attention to an all-natural product that has been licensed in Japan and used extensively in hospitals both there and in mainland China for the TREATMENT OF CANCER AND OTHER IMMUNE SYSTEM DISEASES SUCH AS HIV/AIDS.
Those interested in getting this product may contact me by email at: myhealthdoctor@yahoo.com or by phone: 246 421 7167 or by Skype where my username is: myhealthdoctor
Please share this information with anyone whom you know that are a victim to cancer or other immune system disease.

Dr. Stan.
Health R Us Clinic
Grazettes Main Road,
St. Michael,

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Glad to have you on board Dr. Odle.


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