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Founder's Story

As someone living since 2007 after a diagnosis of breast cancer and being a member of a family with a high incidence of diabetes, I realize that, in the Caribbean, we should be talking about health and wellness in a holistic manner. I believe that Caribbean people, especially the women, should be empowered when it comes to their health. Through one of my clients, I have hosted many seminars/luncheons/workshops to provide education about NCDs heart disease, cancer, asthma and diabetes across the Caribbean.

I have been involved in the health industry for some time. For the last eighteen years, I have  played a key role in marketing Baptist Health South Florida in the English speaking Caribbean. Utilizing my extensive knowledge of the Caribbean and my wide network of contacts, I effectively built the patient-referral market for this hospital within the English speaking Caribbean. As a result I  established business partnerships for Baptist Health, the largest not-for-profit health system in South Florida and successfully negotiated health care contracts with regional governments, corporations, and civic organizations.


Working this closely in the health community I have seen up close the ravages of non communicable diseases on individuals, families and governments. I truly believe we can live healthier and happier lives, however, we have to take responsibility and approach our health in a holistic manner. We cannot just be scared of cancer, scared to get a diagnosis of diabetes, scared of kidney failure. There are some things that we cannot control such as our genes, family history and sex. However, we can control how we live, how much exercise we get, eating healthy, and knowing our numbers. We have to become the CEO and Comptroller of our own health.

I am from the Caribbean island of Montserrat and lived in several Caribbean islands.  In 2010  I decided to start Our Healthy & Happy Caribbean with my brothers David Tuitt, Clifford Ryan and Trinidadian attorney-at-law Saty Seemungal.  I am excited about the possibilities for a Healthy & Happy Caribbean and cannot wait for all of you to join me on this journey.

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