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Why Wellness?

The Oxford Dictionary defines "wellness" as the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.

Others say wellness is not the mere absence of disease but an active process where one becomes aware of and make choices toward a more healthy and happy existence.  We all have emotional, intellectual, physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs and  each dimension is necessary for an optimum state of health.

As a cancer survivor you may wonder why I did not choose to concentrate on breast cancer awareness.  The importance of yearly screenings and early detection is significant but in a Caribbean ravaged equally by diabetes, heart disease, cancers and chronic repiratory disease it is even more relevant to raise awareness about the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle (mind, body and soul).

We do not have to be afraid of these diseases if we take responsibility, avoid the known risk factors, move more and eat whole nutritious food that is good for our bodies.  We need to take responsibility and become the CEO and Comptroller of our own health.  We can be successful if we adopt a wellness-oriented lifestyle, engaging in healthy habits and behaviors.

I hope you join me and the other members of Our Healthy & Happy Caribbean on this journey of wellness for the Caribbean. 


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